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Building Sustainability In Your Animal Rescue with Nonprofit Basics

We are inviting our favorite experts in accounting, law, media, photography, training, pet safety and service to sit with our 2 legged rescue friends.

Stay Tuned for the Date/Time: As we set a date and finalize the conversation we will add to this event. Until a date is set - please click as going - this will enroll you in notifications and help us gauge the size of space we need to secure.

Our overall goal is to discuss and help solve common and shared nonprofit challenges to positively impact our animal rescue community long term.

We promise attendees a positive sit down conversation in an open environment. We believe each question has value, questions will be answered by a professional in the appropriate industry. Attendees will leave with new ideas, access to unexplored resources, pet cpr and pet first aid training, new peers to network with and a stronger understanding of the responsibilities of large and small nonprofit organizations.

1.) Finance: Understand your financial reports: profit and loss, balance sheets and your 990. Helping non accountants understand the basics of nonprofit finance, accounting and reporting. Learn how to read your 990, Exploring Sales Tax Exempt information for both Kansas and Missouri. Run your organizations administration rate and start a conversation on where you can improve if necessary.

2.) Governance: One of our favorite attorneys, Audrey L. Snyder Young , Associate Attorney, Baker, Soltz & Blum, P.A. will be joining us to discuss the nonprofit creation documents you need to know and what you need to have on hand: Bylaws, Liability, Contracts, Conflict of Interest, and Property Leases.

In additional to Mrs. Snyder Young’s discussion, we will briefly discuss nonprofit leadership and ideas to help with your volunteer challenges: recruiting, showing appreciation and learning how to gently saying goodbye when a volunteer isn’t the best fit.

3.) Fund Development: Positioning your organization to think outside of the bake sales and Facebook campaigns. Is your organization sustainable? The best nonprofits with 2 million donor donors are two donors away from financial crisis. How many legs does your funding stool have?

Helping your staff, board members and volunteers learn how identify, solicit and cultivate donors. How to begin to think strategically about your needs and how to communicate those needs and your benefit the community to potential and current donors. A quick dive into restricted and unrestricted funds and why you need you know the difference.

2.) Safety for Staff, Volunteers and Animals: Pet CPR / Pet First Aid Training, Emergency Preparedness and Resources if your recent intake animal is behaviorally beyond the resources you have on hand.

3.) Basic Design and Marketing: Using free or low cost options to reach your audience when you can’t afford a professional without anyone knowing the difference. Partnering with local businesses and how rescues can improve communication and promote the work of all rescue activity in the community. When your marketing works learn how to share your story effectively on television and radio. It’s not that difficult but it’s not that easy. Bill Hurrelbrink, Reporter, KCTV5’S Better KC will be joining us to share his experience in broadcast television and radio and offer advice on how to communicate your story when it’s time.

Building a great website in two days for $100 or less - yes it’s possible - if you don’t have $5,000 to hire someone to build website, it’s not an excuse to not have one. We have some tricks we will share to help build your brand and understand the SEO necessary to get attention.

4.) Social Media 101: Increase Friendraising and fundraising efforts. How to adjust your message for social networking site: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. Do you need a blog (probably yes)? When to post, What to post and the importance of hashtags, knowing your audience and dimensions of artwork.

5.) Photography 101: Our guest, Jennifer Starr, Owner of FixYourImages Photography, be joining us. Stuck using your phone for pictures? There’s not shame in that! Learn how to take the right pictures regardless of what technology you can afford. How to find the right lighting, angle and look for your rescue animals. Free and low costing editing options and secrets from one of our favorite local professional photographers to grab attention and get those “Adopt Me”

Please note we are not in need of speakers at the moment. Please don’t send over your resume. If you’re attending and would like to request a topic for discussion please message us - if we have a professional that can add to the discussion we will consider adding the conversation. We hope you are as excited as we are about this opportunity.