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For a limited time - our hard and soft sided PETEY’S Care Kits are available including more than 30 pieces for on the go, disaster, pet first aid and owner first aid. Use this kit as the beginning of your pets care kit. Clients with upcoming services will receive free delivery 😉 pickup is always free as well.

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PETEY’S Care Kit. If you’ve looked for an emergency, first aid, on the go or disaster kit for your pets you know 1.) they aren’t cheap 2.) it’s nearly impossible to find complete well thought out kits. 🐾

For this reason we have always created our own care kits for our #peteysTEAM for services. After we posted the latest version of our PETEY’S Care Kits we had a ton of interest from clients wanting to purchase one for their car, home and even boats. We are giving in for a limited time - our hard and soft sided PETEY’S Care Kits will be available to everyone. 

If you’re interested in purchasing one please let us know. Clients with upcoming services will receive free delivery 😉 pickup is always free as well. 🐾❤️🐾 #peteysCARES #WELOVEPETEYS#peteysFAMILY

Contents Include: (Gift with Purchase PETEY’S Carry Case / Colors & Styles Vary and are Subject to change)

  1. Collapsible Pet Water Dish

  2. Ice Pack

  3. 35 Gauze Pad

  4. Surgical Gloves

  5. Rescue Blanket

  6. Thermometer

  7. Tweezers

  8. Flashlight

  9. Scissors

  10. Hand Sanitizer

  11. 4: 3x5 Elastic Bandages

  12. Leash

  13. Gauze Roll

  14. Dog Bag

  15. First Aid Kit

  16. 8: 3x4 bandages

  17. 4: 3x4 bandages

  18. 2: 7x8 bandages

  19. 2: Gauze Pads

  20. 2: Alcohol Wipes

PETEY'S Care Kit