petey’s CELEBRATE: WEDDING day pet care

PETEY’S Pet Services, makes it possible for you to celebrate your special day and your wedding with family AND four-legged best friend (s) We transport, exercise, dog-sit and entertain your pup throughout the day. Because nobody really wants Aunt Nancy in charge of Fido on your big day!  Our popular Doggie GoPro video packages are available for an unique up close and personal view of your special day.

Danville Country Club, Danville, Kentucky

Danville Country Club, Danville, Kentucky

The Kelly Gallery, Overland Park, Kansas

The Kelly Gallery, Overland Park, Kansas

River Market Event Place Kansas City Missouri

River Market Event Place Kansas City Missouri

Go Pro Videos from a few of our past clients, sometimes the best footage we receive is from our GoPro videos. We’ve found that guests tend to let loose around our 4 legged clients. Go Pro options include ceremony, cocktail hour, and the reception.

Services & Fees

We do our best to keep things personal yet simple, let’s be honest you have plenty to plan! Completing a CELEBRATE FORM starts the process, once received, we schedule a time to review your information with you and answer questions. Following the complimentary client phone consultation , we provide a personal estimate tailored to your specific needs.

PETEY’S CELEBRATE Services start at $300.00


Each package includes: a complimentary phone consult, coordination with your key vendors (event planner, photographer, venue representative), identification and coordination with the most qualified emergency vet in your area (safety first), use of a ridiculously large event bag of treats, toys, styling products, pet first aid supplies, and photo taking teasers.

Most importantly every PETEY’S CELEBRATE package includes an experienced PETEY’S Pet Care Professional dedicated to your pet(s) through the duration of your services.

What does this mean? The best pet can get overwhelmed at large events - mainly because everyone wants to love the furry ones. Your PETEY’S Pet Care Professional is there to ensure the little ones aren’t poking your pups eyes, Aunt Nancy isn’t feeding your dog wedding cake, Cousin Kate doesn’t take your pet to the bathroom for an hour missing your most valued bridal party pet photo opportunity and that your pet has a safe cool place with fresh water away from the fun to relax during the day and night when needed. We are also there to transport your pet(s) to a veterinarian or emergency vet clinic in the event of an unforeseen emergency.

BRONZE: Flat Rate for 2 hours - $300.00

Phone Consultation, WALK rehearsal, WALK down the aisle

SILVER: Flat Rate for up to 4 hours - $420.00

Phone consultation, WALK rehearsal, WALK down the aisle, photo shoot assistance, 1 hour reception.

GOLD: Flat Rate for up to 6 Hours - $750.00

Phone consultation, Same Day - 1 Hour Rehearsal, WALK rehearsal, WALK down the aisle, photo shoot assistance, 2 hour reception, GoPro Pet Video (1 pet)

DIAMOND: Flat Rate for up to 8 Hour - $1,000.00 +

Phone consultation, Same Day - Rehearsal, WALK rehearsal, WALK down the aisle, Photo Shoot Assistance, Reception, GoPro Pet Video (1 pet), and copyright release to photos and videos taken during services.

Package Add On Options: *add on options not applicable with the basic package.

GoPro Pet Video (1 additional pet) $100.00 per package, (2 additional pets) $150.00 per package

Additional Pet Care Professional (by request or requirement by PETEY’S) $75.00/hour + all travel as necessary

Special Situations:

Travel Fee: Do we travel? Yes we do! In fact many of our PETEY’S CELEBRATE services have been out of state. The travel expenses will be reflected in your estimate.

My dog is a jerk, but I love him : We get it! While we may one day meet a pet not suitable for this type of an event, we have not denied a client yet. We absolutely will refuse service if we believe an animal is not up to a large event for any reason. That said let’s chat and discuss what “jerk” means to you and we will discuss options.

Aunt Barb hates dogs and can’t be around my pup: No worries, we will avoid Aunt Barb all day and night. Trust us we have a long list of special requirements nothing is too big of an ask - we’ve had to hide from Aunt Barb before!

I’m so stressed - I need PETEY’S but I don’t have room on my to do list: We need one form completed and two conversations with you. If you can spare that time (more if you would like) then we will be one of the easiest and most rewarding vendors you work with on your special day.