Hi Pet Parents! I’m Meg: Kansas City transplant, social media specialist, bulldog mom of 3, avid Chiefs fan and your official PETEY’S Pet Services DogoBlogo blogger. I’m so excited to use this platform to share ideas, interviews with your favorite KC pet people and events that we’re passionate about!

Without fur-ther ado, let me share our story and introduce my family, the Dieter crew:


Meet Meg’s Pups

Lou, Maggie + Goose



This past August, we celebrated our first year in Kansas City. Most of this pack is from Cleveland, Ohio, a wholesome mid-west city (that would totally be best friends with Kansas City.) We certainly didn’t just happen upon this incredible place – Big Red called. That’s right: Andy Reid! Technically, he called the kids’ father, and my fiancé, Kansas City Chiefs Wide Receiver - Gehrig Dieter. Before the NFL draft, we were living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama as Gehrig finished college. Our football-centric lifestyle took us from Ohio to Alabama, then Florida to Kansas. We’ve always known that traveling was going to be a big part of our lives, which is why we chose to start our fur-family with French Bulldogs.

Growing up, my family adopted adult Labrador mixes from animal shelters. Gehrig’s family opted for another gentle giant: the Rottweiler. We were two large breed-loving, pup-parents-to-be – but we just couldn’t choose between Labs and Rotts. I’ve always been fascinated with dog breeds; traits, personalities and the history behind their existence.  I began researching big dog personalities in small dog bodies, which is when I came upon the living, breathing bowling ball in Frenchie form. Known for their stellar adaptability, clown-like personalities, charming demeanor (and the ability to clear a room with their lethal gas) we quickly fell in LOVE with the breed.

We adopted Goose in the summer of 2015. Owning a small dog blew my MIND! He was so tiny, and my anxiety went wild with the responsibility of parenting a puppy. But the love we had for this little guy – indescribable. We graduated college and Gehrig began playing football and studying for his Masters’ degree at the University of Alabama. We moved to Tuscaloosa and before he started the season and I started my job in marketing, we took a day trip to Nashville to go “shopping.” To my surprise, our breeder met us halfway and dropped off Lou!


It took Goose a couple months to come to terms with the fact that he would have to share his parents (which makes us laugh now, because at ages 3 and 2, they are inseparable.) Due to the extreme change in climate, Alabama introduced a whirlwind of health issues for our boys (and us!) It’s known as the roughest allergy-inducing state for animals and people alike. We navigated skin issues, allergic reactions, bug bites and even a major surgery. Thankfully, we made it out with two (now) healthy Frenchies. The boys enjoyed a quick stint in Orlando, Florida for NFL training, and then following the NFL draft we made Kansas home!

Every time we’ve moved, we’ve somehow added another fur-child to our family. Enter: our six-year-old adoptee, Maggie Mae. She fits right in with her brothers and keeps them in line. Mags is a total sweetheart, a daddy’s girl and as a mother of multiple litters, she now enjoys toting around her own “litter” of squeaky toys.

We love these dogs something fierce. Which is why I’ve had such a hard time finding sitters to trust. I’ve used dog-sitting apps and family friends, all of whom have disappointed me when answering “no” to my standard lieu of questions (do you know how to give a bulldog CPR?) With the hectic football schedule, I knew we had to find someone to care for them while we traveled. We came across PETEY’S Playhouse Pet Services and the rest was history!

Lisa and the gang have become members of our family. Any current PETEY’S client could attest to the unparalleled care and comfort they provide for pets and owners alike. Lisa and I have bonded over our love of animals and Kansas City, which is why I’m here.

This blog is dedicated to providing PETEY’S clients with articles, tips and tricks from sources you can trust. We’re excited to have you along for the ride!

 Paws & Love, Meg