These days, we use our phones for just about everything! From ordering lunch to scheduling a flight, banking, socializing and everything in between – if you can dream it, you can probably do it on your phone! Why not utilize applications made especially for your best friend? We’ve rounded up our favorite apps for pet owners that can help you stay organized, informed and keep your fur-babies healthy and happy.

1.       Pawprint – Pet HealthTracker


I’m that dog mom – well, I used to be; the one holding up a line of pet parents at the vet while attempting to sign in, shuffling a handful of file folders with records spilling out while my Frenchies loop through my legs and bark at your cat. It was STRESSFUL! Thankfully, a friend told me about Pawprint! It’s the perfect place to store your pet’s medical records – directly from your vet. Simply download, enter your information (for the last time) and take Buddy on a quick walk while the app organizes a digital copy of your records for you to share with service providers. Bonus: you can set reminders to remember to give Fluffy her heartworm pill or take your new puppy for their next round of shots.

Available for iOS devices - Free, Available on Google Play

2.      Time to Pet – the Petey’s Playhouse Client Portal

Time to Pet.JPG

As I apprehensively searched for a new, trustworthy bulldog sitter, Petey’s Playhouse caught my attention. In addition to a prompt, professional response, I was intrigued by their high-tech take on communication. Petey’s utilizes Time to Pet, the client portal for communicating with your sitter. You can easily book stays, update your pets’ information, pay invoices and receive detailed report cards! When I used to travel, I couldn’t help but worry about how my dogs were doing back at home – was Goose eating? Is Maggie having separation anxiety? Petey’s and Time to Pet takes the worry away. I love receiving photos and updates from my sitters and the affirmation that my trio is being doted upon.

Available for iOS devices - Free, Available on Google Play

3.       Petzi & Presence


I use my Petzi app more often than my email! The app syncs with the Petzi treat cam, a pet camera that allows you to check in on your pets via live video feed and even toss them a treat! It allows you to voice-in and say hello (or reprimand your oldest for barking incessantly at the poor mail man.) If you don’t have the camera, Petzi acts as a social network for pet owners. You can upload pics of your pets and connect with others. If you have an iPad, you can connect your iPhone to view a selected area by downloading the Presence app and propping up your tablet.

Available for iOS devices - Free, Available on Google Play

4.      Games for Dogs

This app is exactly that – a video game for dogs. Bear with me! When we adopted Lou, it was the end of August and we were living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It was the WORST combination for a heat-sensitive Frenchie. I’ve always been super cautious about the dogs overheating, but I also know the importance of exercise – both physically and mentally.

My fiancé found Games for Dogs and jokingly set his iPad down in front of our 9-week-old pup. He went CRAZY! He pawed at the screen as a virtual mouse scurried across the floor, squeaking when he tapped it. It kept him busy for hours at a time, and it was a nice little break for tired, new puppy parents! With temperatures dropping and more snow in sight, consider downloading to find out if your pet is a secret gamer! (Here’s the kitty version.)

Available for iOS devices - Free Available on Google Play

Games for Dogs.JPG

Relax my cat 2.JPG

5.       Relax My Cat

Whether you’re grumbling and getting ready for work, or even if you’re headed out for a fun night with friends, there’s always that little bit of guilt as you tell your pet goodbye (along with reassurance that you’ll be back, a reminder that their water bowl is filled and that you’d literally die for them.) The Relax My Cat app is a music library filled with songs and sounds that appeal to a domestic cat. There’s music to help your kitty fall asleep, soothe separation anxiety, calm nerves and even relax pregnant felines! It’s $2.99 to purchase, but if you ask me, a peaceful cat is priceless.

Available for iOS devices - $2.99, Available on Google Play


6.     Animal Poison by ASPCA

Is your pet a bit curious, or a stone-cold serial counter swiper? If they’ve ever snagged a bag of Hershey’s kisses, medication from the bathroom or ingested an unknown plant outside, you’re familiar with the sudden fright that prickles down your spine. Before you panic, grab your phone and use the Animal Poison by ASPCA app!

The ASPCA Poison Control Center has listed a glossary of over 300 potential hazards and the crucial next steps you need to take. The app covers dogs, cats, horses and birds based off 2.5 million real cases of ingesting toxic substances. Always alert your vet immediately if you believe your pet is experiencing any kind of reaction. Having this tool on hand to search quickly can help pinpoint the source of poison.

Available for iOS devices - Free, Available on Google Play

7.       Bring Fido

Bring Fido

Is there anything more annoying than trying to find a pet-friendly hotel to accommodate your travels? They can be expensive or far and few between, and sometimes they’re non-existent! Bring Fido is a trusted resource for dog owners seeking the best hotels, dog parks, restaurants and attractions that welcome your pet! Dog owners rate venues based on cleanliness, comfortability and surrounding outdoor areas. You can even book your hotel stay directly through the app!

Available for iOS devices - Free, Available on Google Play


Live your best life with your best friend –download these apps ASAP! Paws & Love, Meg.