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Meet Meg

Hi Pet Parents! I’m Meg: Kansas City transplant, social media specialist, bulldog mom of 3, avid Chiefs fan and your official PETEY’S Pet Services DogoBlogo blogger. I’m so excited to use this platform to share ideas, interviews with your favorite KC pet people and events that we’re passionate about!

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Favorite things 2018

Every pet parent knows that their fur-babies deserve the best. From healthy snacks to clean parks and the finest interactive toys, we all have our preferred collection of pet products. As we prepare to ring in the New Year (in our pet hair-covered pajamas, snuggled up with our pup until about 9:45 p.m.) let’s reflect on our favorite things:


Favorite Rescues 2018

A few of our favorite rescues of 2018. If you asked me to describe Kansas City, I’d go on and on about the incredible variety of restaurants and utter appreciation for food. I’d rave about the Chiefs gameday experience and the pride this town has for its team. The people – oh they’re the BEST. They exude wholesome kindness and care, which complements my favorite attribute:

Kansas City freakin’ loves dogs.